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Welcome to Creative Research

A Liquid Book of Art and Community-based Research Methods

[About this project] [VCAM CCD Masters program]


Chapter 1: Introduction

- Stephen K. Levine, "Art Based Research"

- Nancy Walton, "Research or Creative Practice? The Ethics of Innovative Research Using New Technologies"


Section 1 - Legitimizing Research


Chapter 2: Inside the Academy

- Brad Haseman, "Rupture and Recognition: Identifying the Performative Research Paradigm"

- Elaine Martin & Judith Booth (eds), Art-Based Research: A Proper Thesis

- Margaret Mahony Stoljar (ed), Redefining Research in the Arts and Humanities

- Maggie Walter, Participatory Action Research


Chapter 3: Outside the Academy

- Randy Stoeker, "Implementing: When Research Is the Project"

- Victorian Health Promotion Foundation, Evaluation of the Community Arts Development Scheme

- Kate Donelan et al, Partnerships Between Schools and the Professional Arts Sector

- Christine M. Dwyer, Communicating Value: Re-framing Arts and Culture Data


Chapter 4: Community Voices

- Mary Dimech, "Consultation and Ethnic Communities"

- Tom Wakeford and Jasber Singh, "Towards Empowered Participation: Stories and Reflections"

- Fran Baum et al, "Participatory Action Research"

- Stephen Crocker, "The Fogo Process: Participatory Communication in a Globalised World"

- Clive Parkinson, "Painting By Numbers: The Arts, Popular Culture and Inequality"


Section 2: Research Methods


Chapter 5: Participatory Action Research

- Yoland Wadsworth, "What is Participatory Action Research?"

- Ronnie Vernooy and Cynthia McDougall, "Principles for Good Practice in Participatory Research: Reflecting on Lessons from the Field"

- Michelle Fine et al, "Participatory Action Research: From Within and Beyond Prison Bars"

- Greg Hearn et al, Action Research and New Media: Concepts Methods and Cases

- Meredith Minkler, "Using Participatory Action Research to Build Healthy Communities"

- R. O'Brien, "An Overview of the Methodological Approach of Action Research"


Chapter 6: Performance-led/Practice-led Research

- Augusto Boal, "Poetics of the Oppressed"

- Patricia Leavy, "Performance-Based Emergent Methods"

- Paul Carter, "Interest: The Ethics of Invention"

- Dwight Conquergood, "Performance Studies: Interventions and Radical Research"

- Carole Gray and Gorden Burnet, "Making Sense"

- Barbara Bolt, "The Magic is in the Handling"


Chapter 7: Art as Data

- Victoria Foster, "Ways of Knowing and Showing: Imagination and Representation in Feminist Participatory Social Research"

- Santiago Sierra, Economical Study of the Skins of Caracans

- Hazel Smith and Roger Dean, "Introduction: Practice-led Research, Research-led Practice - Towards the Iterative Cyclic Web"

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